Microsoft Lumia 950-17

Microsoft may have scrapped plans to bring Edge browser extensions to Windows 10 Mobile. The company’s updated Windows 10 roadmap no longer shows mobile devices under the extensions section — only desktop computers and tablets.

When that roadmap was last updated back in May, a little smartphone icon made it clear that Edge extensions were planned for Windows 10 Mobile. However, that smartphone icon has now been removed, which indicates Microsoft’s plans recently changed.


Microsoft had warned at BUILD 2015 that it didn’t plan to bring extensions to Windows 10 Mobile straight away, so maybe it has just removed that smartphone icon to make the wait a little easier. Or maybe the last roadmap was simply incorrect.

“Extensions in Windows 10 Mobile was always iffy, due to limited resources and user interface restrictions,” notes MSPowerUser. However, extensions have become popular on rival platforms — like iOS — for blocking ads and other content on the web.

Not having the same functionality on Windows 10 Mobile will probably upset some fans, then, but until Microsoft confirms its plans explicitly, it might be best we don’t read too much into this updated roadmap for now.