When Funny or Die announced it was making a Steve Jobs biopic spoof and casting Justin Long, the “I’m a Mac” hipster from the old Apple commercials, we were bracing ourselves. Would it be smart? Silly? A little uncomfortable? Totally hilarious?

Hard to tell from the trailer that was just released. The iSteve clip is a bit overwrought, made up of mostly dramatic sound bites from the movie. It left us worrying that maybe the film won’t have as many chuckles as we hoped it would.

This made us nervous. Could it actually be a serious attempt at a docudrama? The promo image only briefly blipped in there, so we whipped out it out again, looking for clues. 


Ahhhh, there it is. The film can’t possibly take itself too seriously with this face representing the flick, right? The creators have even said there are few facts going in here, apart from a cursory Wikipedia search, and the whole focus will be to bring laughs that fanboys or critics could appreciate. So think of the trailer as a set-up, a lure that draws people in so they can get smacked with the silly stick.

There’s less than two weeks to go until the movie opens. Are you planning to check it out?