For most people, the iPhone 6’s battery is decent. It’s enough to get through a busy day of texting and browsing the Web, but push it to its limits, and you probably won’t make it a full day. For professionals and heavy user this is a major problem, but luckily there are smart solutions out there to rectify the device’s smaller battery. Products from Mophie might immediately come to mind, but the MFi-certified iStand 6 is another all-in-one case you might want to consider.

Unlike most battery cases, the iStand 6 is more convenient in that it doesn’t come in two pieces. The design is actually very clever, featuring a a built-in adjustable stand that can be flipped over, allowing users to easily install their iPhone 6; it beats the alternatives, which typically come in two separate pieces, leaving the potential for users to lose part of the case itself. The fact that it acts as a stand is a nice touch, giving you the ability to prop it on your desk with ease.

The case features a 3500mAh battery that promises to boost the iPhone 6’s battery by almost three times. That’s quite a bit for the iPhone 6’s meager 1810mAh battery, giving users many more hours of talk, Web browsing, YouTube watching and more. Basically, you’ll be covered during an important business trip abroad, which is obviously important for power users (and it’s nice to have that peace of mind).

In addition, the iStand 6 features robust protection, including impact-resistant material and a raised bezel around the screen to absorb shock. The company actually has a drop test video on its IndieGoGo page, so check that out if you’re not convinced. Even from unreasonable heights, the iStand 6 is capable of protecting the iPhone 6 from harm.

Finally, the iStand 6 also comes with a handy SIM card box, allowing users to store an extra nanoSIM when traveling abroad. That’s a smart addition to an already impressive all-in-one.

The case itself definitely adds bulk to the iPhone 6—stats fall in at 5.98 inches tall, 2.91 inches wide and 0.55 inches thick. Not huge, but definitely noticeable for a device that’s absurdly thin without a bulky case.

The iStand 6 is currently going through the IndieGoGo phase, and can be yours for just $50 (early bird special). Check out the page at the link down below if you’re interested, and watch the video if you want to see the case in action.