IsInStock, the tracking service that helps locate hard-to-find products, has been busy adding support for the latest tech products. Not only has it added more products like the GTX Nvidia 1080 Ti GPU, it has also incorporated new ways to track products.

With its latest round of updates, IsInStock added a heat map and a history log of locations. The heat map shows the places where a particular product has been most sought after and the history log shows the number of location a product has been in stock for the past two weeks. The company also added additional customization for notifications. For some products, like the BeatsX, you can opt for the color you’d prefer instead just a generic search of the product.

IsInStock support of products continues to grow

IsInStock started only tracking AirPods, which are still difficult to locate, but now it has a long list of products it supports. New on the list is the already mentioned GTX Nvidia 1080 Ti GPU but also the Sonos PLAYBASE, Microsoft Studio and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. That adds to its impressive line up that already included the NES Classic, PlayStation VR and DJI Mavic Pro.