Despite the fact that it seems no one really cares about location-based services, just about everyone and their brother is working on their own version it seems.

While Twitter has had a tool called Twitter Places for about five months now, something odd has popped up this weekend.  Dave Winer spotted a screenshot that appeared on Hacker News that shows Twitter HQ “has been claimed”.  This hasn’t appeared anywhere else on the site, and the message has now disappeared from the service.  Here is the screenshot that was captured.

Twitter Places

TechCrunch reached out to Twitter and got somewhat of a reply:

Claiming Twitter Places is not available at this time. We’re experimenting with a variety features. Allowing businesses to claim a Place is a natural thing to consider for the future.

Well, yes, “claiming” your business does make sense … if there is something else to come along with it.  “Oh, look, we claimed our business! … Hello?  Is anyone listening?  Hello?”

It is fairly obvious there is more to come down the road for this product, and it once again goes to show what I’ve been saying for ages that location-based services are better suited to being a feature of a larger product as opposed to a stand alone tool.  While only four percent of Internet users are now checking into services, if it just became an extra box to check off while sending a Tweet, you can bet just about anything that you would see that number jump.

True, this is a test for now, and perhaps nothing will ever come of it, but I’m pretty positive that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this.