I’m a big fan of Yanko Design. The creative concocters there come up with the craziest, coolest, most techno-forward concept ideas around. And this one’s no exception.

The Spider Computer reimagines everything we know about traditional computing input/output and turns them on their heads by way of projection technology. Picture it: An extremely pocketable full-fledged computer that can fit in your skinniest skinny jeans that can also act as a smart device: Not only does it project both a screen and keyboard for you to see and interact with, but folded up, it can act as a mobile phone.

Not that it’s perfect. (Would you need a table to play Angry Birds with this thing?) Still, if the whole promise of convergence is to meld different devices together, to reduce our load (and maybe even expense), then this would be a pretty cool way to deliver it, no?

Do you think device manufacturers should bring a device like The Spider to market? If they did, would you be interested in this?

[via PopGadget, source Yanko Design]