Google Glass is expected to make a comeback next year with an Intel-powered version of the wearable device. Now, a new Google patent may reveal the company’s plans to redesign its exterior as well.

The patent, filed back in January 2014 and published this week, describes a sleeker version of Google Glass that should still attract plenty of attention out in public. The entire thing looks more like a futuristic headset and less like a modified pair of glasses. All the internal hardware also gets consolidated, though whether Google can actually pull that off from an engineering perspective is up for debate.

This isn’t the first Google Glass patent we’ve seen pop up recently, suggesting that the company is experimenting with different concepts for future versions of the device. One patent, published back in August, described a set of regular glasses with the heads-up display built right into the frames, while a second patent suggests adding a projector as well.

It’s still unclear exactly what Google has planned for Glass, though recent reports suggest the next-gen model will offer a long-lasting battery among other improvements. Based on this latest patent, the device could get a sleek new design to match.