Now, thanks to some sleuthing by Apple Insider, we may have our first hint at what the virtual home button will look like, along with its possible location.

Apple Insider explains:

During the examination of Apple’s “Do Not Disturb When Driving” feature on an iPhone 7 Plus, we attempted to activate the feature with Siri. The effort failed, but a different Siri “please wait” graphic appeared, with an animated, pulsing and oscillating Siri graphic.

The graphic appears to resemble the size and shape of the iPhone’s physical home button, suggesting Apple will keep things familiar when a virtual replacement is introduced.

With numerous reports claiming the iPhone 8 will be without a physical home button, this could be our first clue as to what Apple is working on.

In addition to the physical home button’s disappearance, the iPhone 8 is also said to feature a “function area” at the bottom of the device. It’s unclear if the virtual home button will fit into the function area or be placed just above it.

Whatever Apple decides to do, we hope the company takes some inspiration from Samsung. The Galaxy S8 features a clever virtual home button that can be called upon even if it’s not on-screen. It’s also sensitive to pressure, much like Apple’s Force Touch feature.

You can see the supposed virtual home button in the image above.