The iPad 2 rumors are going to come at us fast and furious the closer the anticipated April 1 release date draws close. We’ve heard there will be a SD card slot, then no card slot, we’ve heard camera, both front and rear, bigger speaker, and flatter back, all of which may or may not be accurate.  We will all find out sometime in April, but we think, even that isn’t a sure thing.

The most recent speculation is reported on 9to5Mac who, with the help of iFixYouriPhone 4 repair shop, were able to obtain what they believe to be an iPad 2 LCD, yes, directly from China. Neither organization has been able to determine if the resolution is any higher, but as you can see from the photos, the iPad 2 screen seems to be a richer black and more solid build quality. 9to5Mac also states that the display is lighter and thinner, by about a millimeter, with a noticeably smaller bordering frame. You can see more photos on 9to5Mac.

These pictures seem pretty legit, and both 9to5Mac as well as iFixYouriPhone 4 have been very reliable in the past. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is in fact the iPad 2 LCD screen. It would be interesting to know when they actually acquired the screen as that would be a good indication if this is a production model or a prototype that has been since discarded.

What do you think readers? Is this in fact the iPad 2 LCD screen or just another leak from the far east looking to steer us in a different direction?

[via 9to5Mac]