Conspiracies abound regarding a mysterious new Twitter account, which quietly popped up earlier this month. Although the Russo brothers already have an official Twitter account (which only Tweeted once last year), another one seemingly Tweeting on their behalf has begun to tease what people believe to be Civil War teasers. People think it’s legit; James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, says it isn’t. Who should we believe?

Here’s Gunn’s official response on the matter:

That doesn’t mean the content being shared by the account isn’t the real deal. There’s zero context surrounding the Tweets; just a bunch of seemingly innocuous pictures—and they’re not even very good ones. But some sleuths have deduced that these photos might be teasing what’s to come in Captain America: Civil War, and, more importantly, what Spider-Man’s costumes could look like.

The “smoking gun” evidence, as it were, is the fact that a lot of high profile celebrities and Marvel employees begun following the account shortly after it was created. That in and of itself isn’t proof, as Gunn notes. “Celebrities and Marvel employees get fooled all the time,” Gunn said. “I followed a fake Bautista on Instagram for months.” Right.

There’s an argument to be made for both sides; it just depends on who you want to believe. It seems highly unlikely the Russo brothers would start a mysterious account just to tease their next movie. And it just doesn’t jive with the highly secretive Disney, which typically tries to keep information under wraps.

Russo brothers or not, people are in the belief that the pictures you see above are Spider-Man’s new suit. There are also pictures of props, bullets holes, and a paper that seems to tease “The Sokovia Accords,” which anyone who saw Ant-Man will be familiar with.

We’re skeptical, but it’s so crazy that it might be legit. It could also be some prankster having a good laugh.