Microsoft is said to be working on a brand new web browser for Windows 10 that will finally replace Internet Explorer, and the screenshot below purportedly provides us with a glimpse at a very early version of it. Dubbed “Spartan” internally, the browser is expected to improve the way in which we browse the web.

The screenshot was obtained by Boy Genius Report, which claims it was taken from “a slightly older beta version of the Spartan browser,” which is dated back to early November. We don’t get to see much of it — just the address bar and some bookmarks buttons really — but it certainly looks… different.

“Microsoft’s new browser is said to come with some amazing new features that should further improve the Internet browsing experience,” according to BGR’s source. One of those features will be the ability to use all manner of voice commands, such as “add to favorites,” “make that my homepage,” and “go to”


Spartan is also expected to let users “run different browsers inside it” at the push of a button. It’s thought you’ll be able to display a webpage on up to four different browsers — such as Spartan, Chrome, and Firefox — inside one window, so long as you have the other browsers installed on your system.

The feature would be handy for web developers who need to see how their sites look and behave inside different browsers, but I can’t imagine it will be too useful for the average consumer. I’m not entirely convinced by that screenshot, either.

To me, it looks more like one of those pesky search bars you get when you download a nasty piece of malware from a website you shouldn’t have been looking at rather than a next-generation web browser, but maybe that’s just because this is an early version that still needs a lot of work.

We’re hoping to find out more about Spartan later this month when Microsoft previews more Windows 10 features at an event in Redmond. Until then, you should be very skeptical about this screenshot.