google-nexus-7-white-sidewaysGoogle's Nexus 7 is official. Despite knowing all its secrets before the device was unveiled, we're still pretty darn excited to get our mits on the Tegra 3 device. But wait. Buried deep in all of today's of announcements, is there still one secret Google isn't sharing? In its Nexus Q reveal, there was a suspicious looking white tablet that looked eerily similar to the Nexus 7 design. Sure, it's a mockup in a video, but it may possibly hint at an upcoming color option Google withheld at today's I/O. Perhaps we'll find it when the device starts shipping in mid-July.

Update: Here's a fancy limited edition in white that was handed out to attendees at I/O, snapped by our very own Noah Kravitz. Unfortunately, the "limited edition" could very well mean consumers won't get color options, which is a bit disappointing.