Verzo-Kinzo-ScreenA stealth black two-tone frame houses what seems to be a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen LCD. Menu, Home, Search, and Back haptic feedback controls line the bottom of the display while a compact volume rocker panel is embedded along the top left edge of the phone, beneath the 3.5mm audio jack. An OS that seems to be a restyled Android scheme is highlighted on the screen. Is this the Motorola Droid X 3?

No. It’s the Verzo Kinzo. What the hell is a Verzo Kinzo? Well, this could be big, or it could turn into a dud, but apparently a new Android challenger has stepped into the arena, and the company is called Verzo. The company’s flagship phone is reported to be called the Verzo Kinzo, and Engadget has allegedly gotten their hands on the said model. From what we can see, there are no distinguishing factors that set the phone apart from the rest of the typical Blandroid warzone, aside from the fashionable Verzo logo that looks strikingly similar to a Versace emblem.

At the moment, we’re in the midst of quite the caper. Where did Verzo come from, and why now? What does this Kinzo character have to offer that the rest of the Android market doesn’t? I will say that at this stage, the Kinzo better be stocked with a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, a 10-megapixel camera with back-illuminated CMOS sensor, and advanced NVIDIA graphics if it wants to trounce the competition. Otherwise, Verzo may drift out as quietly as it drifted in.

Verzo-Kinzo-FrontWe do know this, as taken from the European company’s press release:

“We are definitely not going to scare off Apple and Samsung by our entry to the market, so they would have to call board meetings and hold press conferences. On the contrary – the VERZO brand is letting you know right from the start that we are not the slimmest, fastest or the best. For now.”

And, apparently we’re going to have a brand new UI to join the ranks of TouchWIZ and  MOTOBLUR:

“Our personalized VERZO interface was not developed just to be different from the rest of the world, but mainly because we wanted to get the most from the Android system. We believe that we were successful now and we want to be even better in the future. Kinzo is therefore offering you Android with VERZO face.”

And one last bit about pricing and availability:

“The sale of Kinzo will begin at the end of September. Complete information about our first smartphone with full technical specifications, photographs, 3D model, videos, all features and the price will be released during the second half of September 2011. The sale itself will be launched online on our official VERZO e-shop which will be accessible at From there we will be shipping the Kinzo to all the countries of the European Union and also the USA.”

So Verzo, a European company that has their phones built in Taiwan, is stepping into the saloon and timidly placing its hands on the bar to notify the bartender of its presence. Verzo is not kicking the door down with brute force and challenging every rough and tumble character in the saloon. But they could be the quiet type that turns into the Incredible Hulk when provoked. We’ll just have to wait until September to see.

Source: Engadget