It hasn’t been that long since OnePlus released its latest device, but we’ve already moved on to what’s next—and it isn’t the OnePlus 4.

After the unexpected death of the OnePlus 3, the Chinese startup unleashed the OnePlus 3T, a powerhouse phone with a gorgeous design and some of the best specs on the market. And all at an affordable price.

So, what’s next? The OnePlus 5—and it sounds like it could be one of this year’s best phones.

According to a smattering of reports, the OnePlus 5 could match what we’ve seen from the Galaxy S8 and LG G6, bezel-less screen and all, and include the latest specs, such as the Snapdragon 835 chip.

A report from last month claimed the device will sport a 5.5-inch 2K display, 3,000mAh battery, a 23-megapixel camera, and 6GB of RAM. We can also expect some sort of redesign, which we got a brief glimpse of at the end of April.

A render shared by India Today suggests the OnePlus 5 may sport a dual-lens camera, something not even the Galaxy S8 has. If true, the OnePlus 5 could have a leg up on Samsung’s newest flagship, a device we recently referred to as the market’s closest thing to perfection.

Of course, if the OnePlus 5 does sport the latest specs, a new design, and a dual-lens camera, there’s a danger the handset could be even more expensive than the OnePlus 3T, which currently retails for $439.

OnePlus has been able to build a reputation by offering a flagship phone at an affordable price. Take that away and the company doesn’t really hold an advantage over its more popular competitors.

If the OnePlus 5 can match the S8’s specs, however, and offer the device at an affordable price, then we could see the S8’s early dominance come under threat. The OnePlus 5 will never in a million years be more popular than the S8—it just isn’t possible. But nobody ever said OnePlus couldn’t make a better phone.

That being said, the OnePlus’ current flagship features some obvious shortcomings compared to the Galaxy S8, something the company will need to address when the OnePlus 5 is unveiled. For one, the device will need to sport IP68 water and dust resistance—something that’s all but become standard among top tier phones.

We’d also like to see the handset feature microSD card support and, for crying out loud, support for CDMA networks. We’d also love for the device to support wireless charging, though if it keeps the all-metal design, we can count that feature out.

The Galaxy S8 isn’t perfect, and in many ways Samsung played it safe due to last year’s Note 7 recall. If OnePlus can capitalize on Samsung’s mistakes while matching it spec for spec, the Chinese company may have a chance to best its Korean rival.

I love the Galaxy S8. A lot. But I’m excited to see what OnePlus has in store. The company typically unveils new phones at the start of summer, so we could see the OnePlus 5 very soon.

If it features a bezel-less display, beautiful design, dual-lens camera, and an affordable price, the Galaxy S8 may not be the market’s most exciting phone for long.