Nokia has formed a great partnership with Microsoft, and it’s been producing some terrific smartphones powered by the Windows Phone platform. But there are indications that the Finnish firm could be gearing up to dip its feet into the Android market, too. It has posted an ad on professional network LinkedIn in an effort to find a senior software engineer with Linux experience.

Nokia says the new employee would be working in a “start-up environment,” developing “exciting new products” for future “mobile phone technology.” While the advert doesn’t mention Android specifically, Linux is the core of Android, and it hints at the possibility of a future Nokia handset that will run Google’s mobile platform.

There are other operating systems built upon Linux, of course, but none of those seem to suit Nokia. For example, there’s the upcoming Tizen platform, which is being built in collaboration by Samsung and Intel — but it seems highly unlikely Nokia would be in on that. Then there’s MeeGo, but Nokia washed its hands with that before dedicating itself to Windows Phone.

There’s also a Linux-based OS codenamed Meltemi, which Nokia was developing some time ago. However, it’s thought that Meltemi was killed off as part of Nokia’s most recent round of cost-cutting changes.

With all of that in mind, it seems Android is the most obvious, and yet most surprising option Nokia may be exploring. If that’s the case, there’s a possibility we’ll see an Android-powered Nokia device in the not-so-distant future, and how cool would that be?

Would you like to see a Nokia handset powered by Android?

[Via: Gizmodo]