Leica M10While Leica leaves a lot to be desired in the price department, the company more than makes up for it with impeccable designs. Oh, and its optics technology ain’t half-bad, either; Leica has been in the camera business since 1913, after all. Consider, if you will, the Leica M9: beautifully crafted titanium, precision engineering and a retro look that recalls a time when film was king. But what’s really exciting about the shooter is its small full-frame system, which SlashGear claims may be getting a successor in just a few short months.

Invitations have reportedly gone out for a special event on May 10-11 in Berlin, where Leica is rumored to reveal “a whole range of product launches.” Among them is a new addition to the M-series, the M10. May 10, M10. Get it?

Leica is supposedly aiming for a two-to-three year release schedule with its M-line, meaning the May timeframe lines up quite nicely. Unfortunately, nothing in the way of specs or any such pertinent details have been divulged. In fact, beautiful as it may be, the photo included in this post is merely a render. Shoot. Still, invitations have gone out, a date has been set, and the pieces seem to be falling in place. All we need now is upwards of $8k and we might be able to get our hands on the M10, if it does in fact get unveiled in May.

[via Slash Gear]