There are plenty of gaming concepts that don't always turn out as polished as they appear to be in advertisements and promo videos.  We've seen both Kinect and Move in action through real life demos and it's never quite a responsive as they'd like you to think.  This Kung-Fu Live title is either going to rock or sink like one.

A throwback to the side scrolling titles of the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and arcade machines, Kung-Fu Live uses the Playstation Eye to put you in a would-be button masher where you're the ninja whose black belt martial arts will take you through level after level, beating up the baddies.  If it works as well as they show it working, the Playstation Eye will have at least one hit under its belt.

Limited to only one motion tracked player, Kung-Fu Live will remain dependant on the Playstation Eye.  Compared to Microsoft's Kinect, I'm not all that confident Sony's motion tracking will work quite as well as most titles seem to depend heavily on those glowing Move controllers.  If they can pull it off, Kung-Fu Live looks to be one of the less gimmicky controller-less games I've seen hyped.

What do you think?  Will they pull it off or will it struggle to keep up?  Let us know what you think in the comments.