Last month, we talked about Is In Stock, the service that helps you locate a pair of the impossible to find AirPods. It is able to achieve this by checking up on stores like Target, Best and Apple Stores to locate new shipments. The service can send you an email or text when a store nearby has AirPods and you can go buy them.

Is In Stock is pretty awesome and convenient, and it is now expanding its operation to include more products and better improve notifications of nearby stock.

Among some of the new products you can now track is Google Wifi, BeatsX, the LG UltraFine monitor (4K and 5K) and Nintendo NES Classic. Of products, only the NES Classic has been harder to find than the AirPods, and a service like Is In Stock is the perfect solution to get your hands on one of those miniature NES systems.

As far as its improved functionality goes, Is In Stock is now using SMS priority alerts, has an interactive map that will show you the stores it is checking up on and has email and text notification opt-ins for the most up to date information on the products you are searching for.

It’s also introducing what it is calling “hounds.” This is meant to ensure that all of its data is 100% accurate and up to date. It will run periodically in the background to ensure that users have the best information possible, such as verifying each location is still open and making sure each product is sold by a given retailer.

The whole upgrade is part of its version 2.0 update that is live today. This is meant to make the service as fast and accurate as possible and to include noteworthy products customers are on the hunt for. Is In Stock now includes 491 Apple Stores, 1,536 Best Buy locations, 1,804 Target locations and Amazon online as some of the locations it checks for inventory. It’s also in the process of adding Game Stop to its list of retailers before the launch of the Nintendo Switch. In total, 3,889 locations worldwide and 252 SKUs are being scanned for inventory at all times.

Buying limited products just got a whole lot easier

Is In Stock is only in the beginning stages, but I can already see some of the advantages of using a service like this. Just last week we mentioned how limited Google’s Pixel is; it would be a whole lot easier to find one if Is In Stock added support for the phone. The same thing will most likely apply to the iPhone 8 when it’s launched later in the year.

But thanks to services like Is In Stock, buying some of these rare products won’t me as much of a hassle as in years past.