Nexus Tablet

Since the release of Apple’s iPad back in 2010, numerous manufacturers have attempted to secure their own portion of the market with rival devices running rival operating systems. Unfortunately for them, the iPad is just too strong to be taken down, and many vendors — such as HP and RIM — are discovering that no one really wants a tablet that isn’t an iPad.

There is one device that seems to have been a success, however. Amazon’s budget-friendly Kindle Fire has been hugely popular since its launch late last year, and, although it hasn’t become an iPad killer, it’s certainly doing very well for itself. Morgan Keenan analyst Travis McCourt recently claimed that the device may have taken around one million customers away from Apple. It’s no surprise, then, that other companies now want a Kindle Fire competitor.

A DigiTimes report citing “sources from Google’s upstream supply chain,” claims that the internet search giant is in the process of developing its own 7-inch Google-branded tablet, with plans to launch the device during March or April. The device will run the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, according to the sources, with a price tag even lower than that of the $199 Kindle Fire.

While some DigiTimes reports have been largely debatable in recent weeks, adding some credence to these claims is a statement issued by Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt back in December, in which he said: “In the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.”

If these claims are correct, it seems that tablet will be a direct competitor to the Kindle Fire.

Would you like to see a 7-inch tablet from Google?

[via The Next Web]