Blizzard will, according to invites sent out to some sites, be hosting a press conference next week at gamescom. The show is set to go at 12 p.m. Central European Summer Time – about 6 hours ahead of America's Eastern time zone.

Much like Bethesda's conference, we know some of what will be there, but can only speculate on the rest. Bethesda didn't mention Fallout, but we knew something big had to be coming if they were going to host a show. Same goes for Blizzard. They've hosted gamescom conferences before, but they don't do it every year. Blizzard has a bunch of projects in the works, but every one of them has been formally announced for a while. StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is right around the corner, Hearthstone is getting a big update soon, Overwatch is well underway, and World of Warcraft is, well, World of Warcraft – there's always something new coming along.

Blizzard typically saves their World of Warcraft-related announcements for Blizzcon, but they've previously announced Diablo content at gamescom, so that seems like a strong contender, and it's the only one of their current properties that doesn't have something currently in the works or recently released. Alternatively, it's possible they could be getting ready to revive an old name, like the Warcraft strategy games, or announce something entirely new – another free to play game, another MMO – it's anyone's guess right now.

Whatever it is Blizzard has in the works, we'll know in just over a week.