Could Apple be making a huge product announcement this week? Boy Genius has heard from a "solid Apple source" that the company may be planning something special for its 10th retail anniversary this Thursday (May 19th). Whatever that "something" is might be followed by an official launch of said mystery item next week.

According to the Boy Genius source, an assortment of employees in different roles are scheduled to work overnight this Saturday into Sunday morning. During the overnight shift all of the employees working will be required to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and will have their mobile phones locked away by management. All Apple Store employees will be required to attend a store meeting on Sunday, mostly in the morning, and stores have received several password-protected gigabytes of data marked "training" to be opened this weekend, as well as some boxes of hardware that are currently being stored under lock and key.

What do you think? Could Apple be planning a new product launch? What do you think it might be?

[via Boy Genius]