30 pin connector

Could Apple be looking at ditching the ubiquitous 30-pin connector it uses in all of its iOS devices?

According to iMore, which says this information came from a “solid source,” Apple may be looking to get rid of the 30-pin connector we have all grown to love and/or hate.  Apparently the concern is that while the part doesn’t take up a tremendous amount of room inside of the various devices that use it, it takes up more than they would like with the need to add larger batteries, LTE radios and so on.

Before you get all happy and think this may mean they will move to the more standard micro-USB, apparently the rumor is they will just move to a smaller version of what they already have.  This will keep the connection proprietary to Apple – which they love as it means you generally need to go through them for parts – but it will also mean that either all of your old accessories will no longer work or you will be buying a whole ton of adapters.

There’s no word on when this switch might happen, if it even does, but if we were to guess, with the rumors the next version of the iPhone will be much slimmer, that would be a good jumping off point for the change.

As for the credibility of iMore, they were the first site to mention the March 7th announcement day for the iPad 3 which has now been backed up by numerous other sources, so they may be building a track record for reliability.

Would you welcome a change in Apple’s connectors?

[via iMore]