iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s-10

I'd be remiss if I didn't write this article today.

There have been flurries of reports circulating Apple and its products over the past several days and many of them aren't as flattering as I'm sure Cupertino and its press squad would like. It started a couple of days ago when reports started to surface that Apple's iPhone 6 Plus and, in some instances even the iPhone 6, have been bending in user's pockets.

Then iOS 8.0.1 hit today and that's its own bag of messiness.

First lets address the hardware issue. Look, I'm not following every user around and I don't know if they're just bending their phones willfully or accidentally. I do know that established news outlets and colleagues of mine in the industry have seen it happen to their own devices, and there are videos of some folks doing it on purpose which, well, shows that the iPhone 6 Plus will indeed bend if you apply enough pressure.

Did Apple not test this sort of pressure in a controlled environment to see what sort of force it takes to bend the phone?

This shouldn't happen in the real world, not if the phone really is just sitting in a user's pocket and bends on its own. Maybe aluminum wasn't the best choice – or maybe Apple should have considered a thicker frame. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I did indeed start to worry about quality control when I saw the reports. For the record, nobody on the TechnoBuffalo staff has experienced this problem.

Then, this afternoon, iOS 8.0.1 hit. The update was meant to address issues in iOS 8, which already crashes more than iOS 7. That's what this update is for though: to fix things. Except it didn't really. It broke the cellular connection on phones and broke Touch ID functionality on a device we have in our office. We tested it and immediately noticed that we couldn't login with a fingerprint. Did Apple test this? How did it slip by? Where's the quality control?

Apple, like any company, makes mistakes. Apple Maps in iOS 6 was a disaster and Scott Forstall ultimately lost his job over the release. How soon will Apple fix iOS 8.0.1 and will the company ever address the issues with bent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units? I think there needs to be some discussion here. If it happened to Apple's major competitors – Samsung, Google, and any other company – we'd also hold feet to the fire.