MacBook Air 2011 Charts

Apple’s family of MacBook Air ultraportables have been some of the company’s most popular notebooks since they were revamped last year — when the 11-inch model was introduced. But for some, they just don’t come big enough. According to a new report, however, Apple is gearing up to launch a 15-inch model.

If you’re used to a larger notebook, even the 13-inch MacBook Air can seem a little small, despite its high-resolution display. But according to the Japanese blog Macotakara, the Cupertino team already has a 15-inch MacBook Air in its testing phase, and it won’t be long before we see it in shops. Here’s a badly translated excerpt from the report:

“…according to asian source, Apple seems already to have finished to develop MacBook Air 15″ LCD test component to add its line-up and to go product development of it.”

However, there seems to be some debate over whether or not the notebook will indeed be labeled a MacBook Air. While the Macotakara report does claim that will be its moniker, MacRumors believes differently:

“Back in April, we had heard reliable confirmation that the 2012 revision of the MacBook Pro would carry a new case design. iLounge had described it as a “milestone” release. Later, in July, we heard that Apple was already finishing up work on this ultra-thin 15″ Mac Notebook.”

If the device is a MacBook Pro, we’d also expect to see ultra-thin 13- and 17-inch models, with an overhaul for the entire range. If this is the case, then, according to the report, the MacBook Pro will be the next to lose its optical drive, because it is claimed the 15-inch notebook in testing is without this feature.

I’d certainly be in line for an ultraportable 15-inch MacBook Air/Pro. Would you like to see Apple’s ultraportables with larger displays?

[via TechRadar]

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