While one arm of Activision is teasing us with bits and pieces about its next war game, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, another has something else on the way. The video doesn't explicitly say exactly what it is teasing, but here's what we can glean from the trailer:

  1. The first person perspective suggests that you play as the character rather than controlling them.
  2. The character whose perspective you are viewing the teaser from is holding a guitar pick, being handed a guitar, and then walking out onto a stage.
  3. Things are apparently about to get real.

Guitar Hero is never explicitly said, but Activision's history with the series makes it a pretty likely scenario. As for what they mean by things getting real? That's a little less obvious. It may be hyperbole, telling the viewer to feel anticipation (because we didn't know we were supposed to anticipate until they told us), but it could also be a hint about the company taking a Rocksmith approach to the Guitar Hero series, making it compatible with real guitars.

Whatever it is, we'll know very soon, as it's set to reveal tomorrow, April 14.