None of us will ever experience the extravagant playboy lifestyle of Tony Stark. But an impressive new life-size collectable will at least give off the appearance you’re an ingenious billionaire. First you’ll have to fork over $8,499.99. Better start taking on more lawn mower jobs now.

To coincide with the release of Iron Man 3, Sideshow Collectibles is offering up the Iron Man MARK 42-Life-Size Figure. It (obviously) doesn’t have the capabilities of a suit in the movies, nor does it contain the calming presence of Jarvis, but it looks decidedly tough. Basically, it’ll put your neighbor’s Platinum signed Rolling Stones record to shame.

The collectable itself is 7 feet tall, wrapped up in Iron Man’s familiar color scheme with high gloss automatic paint finish. In addition, the suit features LED light up eyes, arc reactor, palm, display base and weighs just over 100 pounds. You have to be the most die hard Iron Man fan on Earth to even consider such a collectable, but why purchase a car when something like this is available?

Don’t have $8499.99 sitting around? Sideshow offers up a payment plan for as little as $2,266.66 a month. Just think of how the suit will look watching over your living room each night.