The limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge typically retails for just over $1,000, but one super (rich) fan recently paid $91,000 for Samsung’s new limited run device. Sounds crazy? You bet, but the fan was chasing more than just the smartphone; he or she was also looking for a specific unit number.

According to Business Korea, recently auctioned off the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge on its site, where it opened the phone up for bids. Bidders apparently quickly noticed that it was unit number 66 out of 1,000 made, which helped increase its desirability. Business Korea said that the number 6 is typically viewed as a lucky number in China, where the top bidder apparently calls home. 66 apparently brings even better luck.

$91,000 is a lot of money but, maybe with some luck and a good hand of cards, that winner can earn his or her money back. Me? I’d rather put my money into more secure investments, like limited edition Beanie Babies.