Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor comic book

What would an appearance by Iron Man be without a new set of armor for Tony to be wearing?

Filming on Captain America: Civil War ended this past week, and it seems that the final days of shooting were spent on the runway of an airport in Germany. While we don’t know the context of the scene, a few images leaked out showing Captain America and Hawkeye on set, and that was about it. But there was one more that showed up that may give us an idea as to what Iron Man’s Mark XLVI armor may look like.

Captain America Civil War Iron Man armor

While it doesn’t look exactly like the comic book incarnation of what was known as the Mark XXXVIII armor, this does look a lot like the “Bleeding Edge Armor.” This was considered to be Stark’s most advanced suit as it was made up nano machines that allowed it to be stored within his body until he summoned it to appear. Considering in Iron Man 3 he was working on a suit that would come when he called it, this would be a natural progression for the armored Avenger.

in the comics the Bleeding Edge Armor gave him a 360 degree view around him while armored up, included an energy sword in a gauntlet and was powerful enough for him to take on Thor or even the enraged Red Hulk. Will it be as powerful in the movie? Doubtful, but there is still a lot to pull from.

Although filming on the production may have ended, it is clear there is still going to be a lot to speculate on over the following nine or so months until its release.

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters on May 6, 2016.