You have to give him credit. Despite being a literal billionaire, Danny Rand is working three jobs. He’s the Immortal Iron Fist, the Defender of K’un-L’un, and Sworn Enemy of the Hand. Even with all those responsibilities, he has time to give us a second season of Iron Fist, and now we have teaser trailer and a release date. It’s not far off, either – Iron Fist season 2 hits Netflix on September 7. Gamers, take note – that’s the same day Spider-Man hits PlayStation 4.

If you’ve been following along, you know we weren’t exactly thrilled about the first season of the show. It was a dry, bland boardroom drama with some cheesy, uninspired fights spread throughout. Check out our Iron Fist review if you want to see us really go to town on it. But then Marvel’s The Defenders hit and while that show had problems of its own, Danny wasn’t nearly as annoying when he had some more grown-up heroes to bounce off of. He made some dumb, childish decisions to move the plot forward, but it was still an improvement.

Then, Danny popped up again in the excellent second season of Luke Cage. Here, he wasn’t just “not bad,” he was actually good. He added to the season, helping to give the season one of its most entertaining fights and providing a tonal counterpoint to Luke’s ultra-serious demeanor. I could’ve actually used more of him.

I’m hesitant to get excited about season 2. It would be hard to get much worse, but I’ve seen Twin Peaks season 2 and Dexter season 5+, so I know how bad shows can get. But then, these last couple appearances have shown that good writing can elevate the character. So let’s cross our fingers.

Let’s hope Iron Fist isn’t terrible when season 2 premieres on September 7.