We finally know when Iron Fist is set to arrive on Netflix. Marvel confirmed that the series will premiere on March 17, 2017. It released a short teaser video on Twitter to confirm the news. The company also shared a new screenshot from Iron Fist, which shows our hero facing off against an enemy mid-punch.

Iron Fist tells the story of Danny Rand, a young boy who goes missing in an airplane crash. He arrives in New York years later to take on corruption using kung-fu skills and a mystical force known as Iron Fist. The series stars Finn Jones, best known for his role as Ser Loras Tyrell in Game Of Thrones.

This is Marvel’s fourth hero to land on Netflix, following Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the recently-released Luke Cage. The company is still gearing up for The Defenders, which will bring all four heroes together to take on a mysterious new enemy. The Defenders is set to arrive sometime in 2017.