When you're talking about robots and command centers, housekeeping chores may not be the first thing to spring to mind. But iRobot's new Roomba 790 may change that thinking for good.

The company has just upgraded its 780 robotic vacuum cleaner with the latest 790 model, a premium unit that delivers all the Roomba goodness you've come to expect — including room-to-room navigation, spot cleaning, and more — plus a snazzy new look (with a stylish blue faceplate) and a handheld wireless command center that can command/steer the bot wirelessly from nearly anywhere in the house.

Notice a dirty area of the rug? Don't get up from the couch — just use the controller to send the vacuum over for a cleaning session or a spot clean. You can even use the remote to schedule daily or weekly vacuuming jobs.

The 790 costs $700 and is available from iRobot immediately. Included in the price are the unit, docking station, wireless command center, HEPA filters, two virtual wall lighthouses (which create virtual barriers, to keep the unit contained in a room until it's clean), brush attachments, brush-cleaning tools and accessory carrying case.