Apple wouldn’t, nay couldn’t, have a fall press event without talking about iPods, right? And so they did.

First, the attention went to the iPod Nano, and how the company is jumping on board the “Nano as clock/watch” trend with 16 new clock faces — including this super cute Mickey Mouse version and cool chrono-style face.

The Nano will also have some new fitness features, so users can hit the pavement with it without any other accessories required. (Think Nike+, except without the adapter.)

But that wasn’t all for the announcements:

iPod Touch is now available in Black and White. It has a Retina Display, HD vid, gyroscope, gameplay, and support iOS 5 (including iCloud). Launches on October 12 as follows:

  • 64GB for $399
  • 32GB for $299
  • 8GB for $199


  • iPod Shuffle: 2GB for $49
  • iPod Nano: 8GB for $129, 16GB for $149
  • iPod Touch: 8GB for 199, 32GB for 299, 64GB for 399

Sadly, as rumored, there was no mention of the iPod Classic, which leads one to believe they’re ditching it.

More to come…

EDITED to remove the word “new” from Retina Display. Sorry folks. Fast fingers. Also corrected a few other spelling/grammar bits. (Shout out to Nate: Thanks for the assist, man.)

Indeed, no other big news around the iPod Touch other than the white version being announced, and that it will be compatible for iOS 5. I know, bummer.