We get it.  Some of you will go to great lengths for an iPad and some of you will go even further to denounce said tablet.  While first shipments are slated to hit doorsteps on April 3rd, there’s still plenty of room to get your order in if you don’t want to miss out.  If you’re short on cash or if you haven’t been able to snag a free one through the hundreds of online giveaways, remember to keep your cool and not do anything crazy to get your hands on the first gen device.  Speaking of crazy…

Originally profiled by The New York Times last week, iPodMeister is hoping to cash in on the iPad craze through a pretty unique idea.  Now that we’re heading full steam into the digital world, many of you don’t have the need for the old CDs and DVDs that once ruled your life.  Instead of ripping them and tossing them in the garbage, iPodMeister wants you to send in your working discs with original case and album art in exchange for some shiny Apple goods. iPodMeister will turn around and sell your discs in poorer countries.

If you’re looking to strike it rich with all your old media, buyer beware because the exchange rate isn’t quite as attractive as it sounds.  Exchange rates vary from a whopping 220 CDs/DVDs you can get a $150 8GB iPod Nano all the way up to 1400 for a $829 64GB iPad with 3G.  Basically, you’re getting around 60-70 cents per CD or DVD. Of course, you can always rip the media yourself, keeping a digital copy or pay them a hefty premium through more CDs/DVDs to do it for you.


We can’t forget the fine print!  If you haven’t got the full number of CDs/DVDs laying around, you can always fork over $1 per item (max of 50 items) to extend yourself to the finish line.  The shadiest part of their FAQ page notes that they do not return unacceptable items.  That means if they deem a CD or DVD as too scratched or missing materials that should have been included, they keep it and you’re stuck footing the $1 to replace that disc’s count.

If you’ve got hundreds of CDs/DVDs laying around the house, try taking them to a used CD store.  Hopefully you can convince them each disc is worth at least $1 – a number that will bring you out above what iPodMeister is offering.  If you don’t want to deal with the ‘hassle’, you’re lazy, or you’re just looking to get rid of those dusty CDs, I guess you might as well ship ‘em off to iPodMeister.