iPod touch 5 case leak

A new leak from a Chinese manufacturer gives us some new clues as to what the iPod Touch 5 may look like.

While rumors about the iPhone 5 have been about a dime a dozen, the iPod touch 5 hasn’t received nearly as much love. As a matter of fact, that last time we heard anything about the top selling MP3 device was late last month when some speculation that the iPood touch 5 would feature an A5 processor and all new design popped up. Now a leaked case has appeared on GizChina that may provide some clues of what we can expect to see.

Shenzhen Gekai Technology listed the case you see above, and what can be garnered about the iPod touch 5 from these cases – presuming they are correct – is that it appears an LED flash will be added to the camera. The elongated hole at the top is similar to the style you see for iPhone 4/4S  units to accomodate the flash. As to the purpose of the hole at the bottom, that is still a mystery at this time. Some of the iPad Mini cases that have appeared have a similar opening which is believed to be for a rear-mounted microphone. No rumors have leaked as of yet to that feature also coming to the iPod touch 5.

As with all case leaks, we do suggest you take these with a grain of salt. There were numerous leaked cases prior to the iPhone 4S that led many to believe it was going to be a radically new design, and we all know how that turned out.

[via MacRumors, source GizChina]