iPod Nano charging clip patent

Apple files a ton of patents, some of them even end up making it into the products, and while we don't know if this one for an iPod nano charging clip ever will, it's intriguing none the less.

A patent application filed by Apple in January 2011 has been released to the public, and it shows a very different charging method for the iPod nano versions that include the clip.  The system would have seen you placing an adapter on an iPod charging dock that the iPod nano would have sat on.  The clip would open up and make contact with the charging surfaces, meaning that the 30-pin connector could be removed from the body of the device all together.

Earlier this week a rumor surfaced that the next generation of the iPod nano will have an elongated body much like older versions did, so, if true, this is an idea that will probably never see the light of day.  While Apple does come up with some innovative patents, I can see a lot of issues with this one.  Would the adapter work with a 30-pin charging cable?  If not, how would you charge your device when away from home?  Even if it would work with a charging cable, would you want to carry yet another item around with you just for the sole purpose of charging your MP3 player?

The patent went on further to show how a charging station could be incorporated into laptops and the concept could be carried over to any device that featured a clip.  (see the image below)  As ideas go, this is one we're hoping remains in the patent office.

[via AppleInsider]

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