ipad-mini-mockupThe tale of the iPad mini may unveil a few last minute plot twists before its October debut. With the majority of September being all about the iPhone 5, there hasn't been much churning from the rumor mill. But if we are to believe older leaks and rumblings, the smaller tab is still on pace for a reveal next month. This mockup could indicate that everything has been finalized with manufacturing already well underway.

Ok, sure, this is just a mockup and not an actual shell fresh off factory lines. But with everything we've heard about the device — smaller dock connector, thin side bezel, 7-inch screen — you might say this is a convincing argument for the device's existence. And with all the iPhone 5 leaks being spot on, who's to say these aren't legit?

There's still much debate about whether an iPad mini will come to fruition, especially with redesigned iPod touches on the way, but it's hard to see Apple keeping its toes out of the smaller tablet waters with everyone already neck deep. We're mere hours away from transitioning into October, so perhaps we'll see an invite for an event hit sometime this coming week.

[via MacRumors]