iPod Apple Store - 2

The humble iPod has been scrubbed from Apple’s online homepage to make space for Cupertino’s new Music app along the top of the website. You can still find a stand-alone music player in the company’s online store, but the bump off Apple’s homepage seems like a bit of foreshadowing to the device’s fate.

From the homepage, you have to click on Music and the scroll down to the bottom to find the iPods. Your other option is to head to Apple’s online store and click on “Shop iPod.” Either way, Apple isn’t making it easy to find an iPod, though it’s not hiding the music players altogether. It’s more of an afterthought at this point than anything else.

The iPod used to be synonymous with Apple, but it has become less important thanks to the rise of the iPhones, the iPad and now the Apple Watch. The company even killed off the iPod Classic last year without any fanfare. There are still a few different options to choose from, but it’s unclear how long these other models will stick around.