iOS 5 - Official - iPod Touch - iMessage

Apple is reportedly preparing to refresh its iPod line, an event that could take place tomorrow during the company’s iPhone 5 announcement. Now, several codenames for the new devices have surfaced. The refreshed iPod touch is reportedly being called the N78 by Apple, the new iPod nano is dubbed the N31 and the upcoming iPod shuffle is codenamed N12B. The information was published Tuesday by 9to5Mac.

We’re not sure exactly what Apple has in store for the new iPods. We imagine the iPod nano will be equipped with a camera, but there’s also speculation that the iPod touch could introduce a new camera feature for taking panorama pictures. It’s also possible that Apple will launch several iPod touch colors, breaking away from its current offering of just black or white models.

Will Strafach, who goes by the Twitter handle @Chronic, has a pretty solid Apple track record. Strafach said that Apple’s new iPod touch will offer an 1136 x 640-pixel display and confirmed the same codenames revealed by 9to5Mac. Strafach also said the device will use an S5L8942X processor, which was used in the iPad 2.

We’re assuming that Apple will unveil the new products tomorrow, so stay tuned for more.

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