Aside from the announcement of the most exciting iPad yet with its Retina display and A5X dual-core processor with quad-core graphics, Apple unleashed a spiffed up version of iPhoto for the iPad and iPhone. iPhoto will be available in the App Store for a mere five bucks, but don’t let its modest price tag fool you. Check out the highlight features of iPhoto for the iPad and iPhone below.

Smart Browsing

iPhoto-smart_browsingThe new iPhoto will feature a scrollable vertical grid design with the ability to view multiple images at once for side-by-side comparisons. Images can be viewed horizontally and vertically using this interface.

Multi-Touch Editing

iPhoto-multi_touchBy touching an image and swiping up, down, left or right, users will be able to alter various photo affects such as Saturation, Sharpness and Color.

Professional-Quality Effects

iPhoto-effects_swatchesAccording to Apple, the new effects in iPhoto will offer “something dramatic, something soft and dreamy, something from another era, or something just plain quirky.” Users will be able to pinch, zoom or slide to adjust an effect.


iPhoto-brushesHave you ever dreamed of finger-painting on the photos stored on your iPad? Brushes will give you that opportunity. Users can paint adjustments using a finger to darken, brighten, sharpen, soften or remove blemishes from images.

Photo Journals

iPhoto-journalsApple’s iPhoto Journals allow users to arrange their images in an engaging layout with Maps, Dates, Weather and more.


New iPad - Photobeam with iPhone

Throw your pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr without the need for a third-party uploader. iPhoto for iPad and iPhone supports native slideshows and streaming on HDTVs.