Maybe you’ll choose the iPhone XS over a regular camera for photos and videos. After all, Apple did create a top-of-the-line dual-camera setup that has various optimizations on the software side to pull off breathtaking shots. Don’t believe it? Check out some camera samples that Apple gathered from around the web.

The ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign continues with the latest model. It doesn’t take a lot to showcase photography and videography on an iPhone, according to Apple. Just look at the content to understand how good the results can be.

Here are some of the ‘Shot on iPhone’ items highlighted by Apple:

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Not bad IPhone XS.. #shotoniphone

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As for its layout, the dual-camera setup on the iPhone XS ships with two 12MP lenses. It also has an image signal processor, a neural engine, and advanced algorithms. Together, these let Apple’s flagship be as versatile as possible. No matter the environment, your photos and videos should come forward in dazzling fashion.

The Cupertino-based company described the experience like this:

“New features like Smart HDR, advanced bokeh in Portrait mode and the ability to change depth of field with Depth Control are all huge improvements in state-of-the-art photographic techniques that everyone can use.”

It would seem that Smart HDR makes the biggest difference. On the iPhone XS, all the camera-related components and technologies analyze lighting to still capture the subject as well as its surroundings in full detail.

Apple might be leading at the moment, but Google’s Pixel 3 could knock the iPhone XS in this area. While Apple believes that two cameras are better than one, its Mountain View-based rival leverages a software-side algorithm to dramatically improve photos and videos.