Apple has talked a lot about the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR, but you won’t hear anything about their battery sizes. It’s typically been a subject the Cupertino-based company avoids. As other companies discuss capacity and efficiency for their batteries, Apple remains quiet on that because it believes hardware and software optimizations lead to true longevity.

Yet there’s no hiding this information forever. In a new filing with the Chinese government, the battery sizes for all new iPhone models went public.

Here are the battery sizes, according to MyDrivers:

– iPhone XS: 2658mAh
– iPhone XS Max: 3174mAh – iPhone XR: 2942mAh

With this information, we’re able to see how the iPhone XS and its siblings stack up against competitors on paper. The iPhone XS has a smaller battery than most flagships, but the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR are about average. Apple often uses smaller-than-usual battery sizes.

It’s also no surprise because, for several years, Apple’s customers have whined about disappointing battery life. All of them, however, should return all-day runtime. The results just won’t match what other flagships get. Keep those chargers on-hand, folks.

Interestingly, the iPhone XR should last longer on a single charge than the iPhone XS Max. Despite Apple’s gargantuan model having the largest battery size ever for an iPhone, the iPhone XR can go further. Apple suggests the iPhone XR gets about 25% better battery life across a few different metrics.

Remember, though, that all-day runtime should be enough for most users. So it’s not like any of the iPhone models are slouches amid the continued criticism.

By the way, the iPhone X (2716mAh) has a larger battery than the iPhone XS (2658mAh). That’ll be an intriguing comparison to see if the small dip in capacity becomes noticeable. It probably won’t, but you never know how these things pan out.

The global release date is September 21, and soon we’ll find out how users around the world feel about the new iPhone XS and XS Max in terms of battery life.