You have to give OnePlus credit for always aiming for the industry’s giants. There’s no question the company can make a high-end phone—and at an affordable price—but it always seems to fall short when it comes to the camera. Does the OnePlus 6T change that?

In this camera comparison, we’re pitting it against the iPhone XS, Apple’s newest flagship. The iPhone XS features the best Apple has to offer, including the company’s new Smart HDR technology.

As we covered in our review of the iPhone XS, Apple’s dual-camera setup is capable of creating gorgeous photos. By integrating its new sensor with the ISP and Neural Engine, the iPhone XS is more capable than ever. And the portrait shots taken by the device are better than ever, too.

Apple has always been a leader in the camera department, and the iPhone XS further proves that the company’s engineers know what they’re doing. The iPhone XS doesn’t contain the best camera on the market, but it’s close.

The OnePlus 6T, meanwhile, ups its game by fine-tuning both its hardware and software. The device features a dual-camera setup (16 MP + 20 MP) with support for studio lighting, multi-frame processing, and intelligent scene recognition. These features make for the best camera experience in a OnePlus device.

The most interesting new feature is called Nightscape, which promises to provide users with better low light photos. According to OnePlus, Nightscape clears up noise and exposes more evenly for the most detailed shot possible.

We took shots in and around our office to see how the two cameras compare. You can see how they performed in the gallery above.