Beginning with the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has used the “Plus” label for its larger-screened iPhone models. That will change this year, according to 9to5Mac, with Apple instead moving to a new naming scheme. Say hello to the iPhone XS Max.

Up until now, many assumed Apple would stick to the same naming scheme, with an iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. But 9to5Mac claims Apple will usher in a new era with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Not only does it break from Apple’s typical naming convention, but it differentiates the line from Samsung, which also relies on a Plus label in its Galaxy S family.

The device is said to feature a 6.5-inch display, which is much larger than any Plus model has offered before it. That could be one reason why Apple has decided to ditch the Plus label for something that better fits the size of Apple’s rumored new iPhone.

Outside of a larger 6.5-inch display, the iPhone XS Max is expected to feature an improved camera, more powerful specs, and even more advanced Face ID. Apple will unveil new iPhone models on September 12.