Apple’s new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4 went on sale last week and have proven to be hits, though some more than others. Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chu Kuo revealed how the new products are fairing in a research note, confirming previous reports. The iPhone XS Max is massively popular, while the Apple Watch Series 4 is experiencing healthy demand.

According to Kuo, the iPhone XS Max is outselling the iPhone XS by three to four times. The figure is better than expected as the iPhone XS Max’s bigger display is proving to be the biggest selling point. The note points out the gold and space grey color options are significantly more popular than the silver, while the and the 256GB model is the more popular storage option.

The iPhone XS Max’s healthy demand is expected to carry on into the fourth quarter of 2018 and into the holiday season.

Kuo didn’t dive too much into the performance of the iPhone XS other than to say it’s lagging behind the XS max, though that was predictable. The iPhone XS is only a minor upgrade over the iPhone X, which means the bigger display of the iPhone XS Max is much more enticing.

As for the Apple Watch Series 4, demand is much better than expected. The demand is likely buoyed by the near universal praise Apple’s new smartwatch has received. Kuo expects Apple Watch shipments to reach 18.5 million to 19.5 million in 2018 given the popularity of the Series 4.

Kuo went on to state that the iPhone XR will be quite popular when it launches next month. He cites the price tag and alluring color options as the main reasons why it will appeal to customers looking to upgrade.