Now you can purchase the iPhone XS around the world. As the most advanced iPhone ever created goes on sale, people are lined up outside of Apple’s retail shops eager to get their hands on the cutting-edge item. Except there’s one competitor who decided to troll the moment.

It may be all about Apple today, but Huawei figured out a strategy that stole the attention in one location. The Chinese company showed up at an Apple Store in Singapore and started handing out power banks.

While that seems kind, the gesture was actually done out of humor. Apple has always been criticized for delivering underwhelming battery life on newest iPhone models. Yet the Cupertino-based company praises itself for making improvements in this area.

Because of all that, Huawei jumped at the opportunity to troll Apple.

Huawei showed up to Apple’s Orchard Road location, and as expected there were a ton of customers waiting in line. It’s typical for the Apple Store, no matter the location, to get crowded leading up to a new product’s release. So, upon seeing everyone camping outside, Huawei decided to help them out.

The power banks are estimated to cost $60 each. On Thursday night, Huawei distributed around 200 units. What we don’t know, though, is the capacity for the power bank itself.

Here’s the shady remark on Huawei’s packaging:

“Here’s a power bank.
You’ll need it. Courtesy of Huawei.”

It’s completely justified because, aside from the iPhone’s long-disappointing battery life, Huawei’s flagships have extraordinary longevity on a single charge. The P20 has a 3400mAh battery, and the P20 Pro has a 4000mAh battery. Sometimes these high-end phones can run for more than a day before needing additional juice.

By the way, Huawei’s been locked into a battle with Apple in recent months. Both companies are racing to hold second place in global smartphone shipments. Huawei pulled ahead of Apple in the second quarter, but none of them have come close to surpassing Samsung as the leader.

We’ll see how the next data set turns out. In several markets, Huawei continues experiencing growth while squeezing its competitors out. Apple, meanwhile, will get another boost in late October when the iPhone XR hits the market.