Apple will announce three new iPhone models later this week, and now we’re learning more about the branding for each.

The iPhone series should be separated into two tiers. In the premium tier, it’ll be the iPhone XS. Apple plans on introducing 5.8- and 6.5-inch models that have OLED panels. As for the larger size, the iPhone XS Max will be Apple’s top-of-the-line model. There will be high-end specifications shared between both of them.

It’s the 6.1-inch model that we haven’t gotten too much information on. Although there will likely be an LCD panel, the name and specifications for it haven’t been going around. But that seems to have changed. Bloomberg reports that it’ll be called the iPhone XR at launch.

When it’s official, Apple might sell the iPhone XR immediately or delay it by a few weeks. That’s been the ongoing discussion internally as production woes impact this model. The LCD panel’s suppliers have struggled to create a custom edge-to-edge screen.

The iPhone XR could be released alongside the other models, but if that’s the chosen path, expect it to be sold in limited quantities. Apple’s alternative would be to wait until October or November for a steady inflow of units.

While a potential delay isn’t desirable for consumers, Apple and the entire iPhone series could benefit from such a thing. It would put more attention on the expensive iPhone models early on. Then, once the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cool down, the iPhone XR would enter the market and spark additional sales. See, Apple won’t be doomed if it delays the iPhone XR.

Aside from the iPhone XS and iPhone XR models, the Cupertino-based company intends on unveiling several other products. The iPad Pro and the Apple Watch are due for upgrades as well. Even the Mac family should get some time in the spotlight. So stick with TechnoBuffalo for live coverage on Wednesday, September 12.