If you drop the brand new iPhone XR, there’s a good chance it’ll shatter into oblivion.

SquareTrade got its hands on Apple’s new iPhone XR and began testing its drop durability. Apple likes to make a big deal about how its phones have the strongest glass ever, but when put to the test, it’s a different story.

During its testing, SquareTrade dropped the iPhone XR from multiple heights to see how the phone would hold up. Surprisingly, the iPhone XR did not even handle the first back-facing drop from six feet and saw its glass back absolutely shatter upon impact. The first front-facing drop administered even worse damage, shattering and loosening the glass while breaking the LCD display.

Although the iPhone XS also shattered in drop tests, it held up somewhat better. That was because of the stronger glass Apple included and oddly excluded from the iPhone XR leading to a very breakable phone.

The results lead to a clear cut conclusion: if you drop the iPhone XR it will shatter almost too easily. We highly recommend you put on a case or at the very least be extremely careful because you’re one drop away from having a broken phone.