Apple has struggled to sell the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR this fall, but it's not like either product would be a poor choice as your next smartphone. In fact, both are great choices. The problem, however, is that Apple can't compete with oversaturation and consumers hanging onto their current smartphones longer than ever. Yet there should be some extra interest in the iPhone XR as it masters performance at a more palatable price.

The iPhone XR doesn't offer a dual-camera setup. It doesn't need to. In a test performed by DxOMark, Apple's budget-friendly iPhone earned the best overall score for any smartphone that has one lens.

DxOMark was impressed with the handling of exposure, color, detail, noise, and artifacts. The single-camera setup could rival the iPhone XS Max's dual-camera setup, the test found. Some of the enhanced features like zoom and bokeh aren't as good, but the overall performance in indoor and outdoor conditions matched the jumbo-size relative.

Although the Cupertino-based company doesn't talk about awards too often, Apple's Philip Schiller tweeted out a link to DxOMark's test:

It's all wonderful for Apple, but DxOMark hasn't completed its testing on another single-camera system that'll likely snatch away the crown and hand it over to Google. The Pixel 3, which was released in October, stands tall as one of the best all-around smartphones. With just one lens, Google's latest flagship can capture photos and videos in almost any environment.

Don't be surprised if Apple rolls this victory into some advertisements. Everyone else knows the 'Shot On iPhone' campaign, and now a reliable source has backed up its showcase of masterful photos.