Last year, YouTube started to experiment with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on Apple’s iPhone. The feature allowed for better, more dynamic video to be seen. However, the feature was only available for a few weeks before it was pulled, but it appears to be making a comeback.

YouTube has been holding trials for HDR support for some iPhone X devices and it looks like it is now ready to start rolling out to a larger audience. Users on Reddit have been pointing out that their iPhone X devices have been getting HDR support. TechnoBuffalo can confirm that the iPhone X does indeed support HDR videos.

For those unfamiliar with HDR, it allows for a wider array of shade to be shown, particularly with dark and bright colors. Colors on the dark end are much blacker and colors on the bright end are much brighter, leading to a very vibrant picture.

It is unclear if support is still in the early stages of rolling out as YouTube has yet to make an official announcement. At this point, there is no word as to how widely available the feature is for iPhone X owners.

To confirm, you’ll have to watch a video shot in HDR. Since most aren’t, the easiest way to check is to search for HDR videos on YouTube. Once you find one, click the three dot button at the top right hand corner, check quality and it should say HDR next to the available resolutions (1080p60 HDR).

Down below is the first video that shows up when you search for “HDR videos.” It the easiest way to confirm if your iPhone X has indeed received YouTube HDR support.