The first batch of hands on videos and write ups for the iPhone X have hit the internet this morning, so we’re learning some very important details about it. One of the more peculiar ones is the iPhone X hiding lock screen notifications by default.

The ability to hide notifications has been around for a while on iOS, but Apple let users decide if they wanted to activate the feature system wide or for each individual app. These apps would display a generic “New Notification.” Apple changed the lock screen function with the iPhone X. As noted in Wired’s write up of the iPhone X, notifications will be hidden by default on the lock screen.

Users will have to unlock the device with FaceID, or through the passcode, to allow notifications to be displayed. It’s not entirely clear why Apple made this decision. Is it something due with FaceID’s security or just a new precaution it wants users to understand better? We won’t know until we get a chance to review the device.

Wired did detail that the appearance of notifications once the device is unlocked proved to be a great way to know FaceID unlocked the device. Take that for what it’s worth.

With the iPhone X hitting stores this Friday, we will bring you complete coverage about all of its features.